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Action Man is a wrestler in the Becker Pro Wrestling Federation.


Nate Berry, (Also known as Action Man) originates from the deserts of Arizona, USA. Nate has trained for years in the art of only utilizing his long and lanky legs as his main approach for combating his opponents. Being part-lizard, part-human, he's made it a point to involve himself in fast-paced and envigorating activities to keep his body heat above par, hence the nick name. His longer title, "That Guy Who Draws Stuff" originated from his superhero comic series about a vigilante known as The Black Raaaaven (The pronounciation involves the four A's). The underdog of most contenders in the federation, Nate aspires to make a name for himself, and shoot for the stars to become the number one fighter.


So far, Action Man has fought to have his name in lights, but fallen short to disappointment. The first rumble to gain the championship title fell from Nate's grasp as he became the first runner up, behind Dr. Dino Danger . Despite his loss, it's rumored whether there was a secret alliance between he and the Dr, as they ended Harwood 's chances at the championship title as a team.

Once again, Action Man fell short when he aimed for a much smaller goal, the Chartwell's Belt. Striking hard and fast, he fought tooth and nail for the title, but it was stripped away when Jen managed a pinfall on another contender for the title, accumulating more points than Action Man, and the title.

A royal rumble had occured to be a contender for the championship title, and Action Man was on top of his game, when Harwood had reappeared, and was out for revenge. Harwood fought hard, and took Action Man out of the rumble, shoving his chances at the title out of the scene. Action Man swore he would have vengeance, and that he would get him back.