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Dr. Dino Danger is a wrestler in the Becker PRO Wrestling Federation.


Dr. Dino Danger was born in a swamp in Central Massachusetts, but his heart was born in Dublin. No, really- his heart, lungs, and the majority of his blood was harvested from an Irish goat, and constantly tries to force its way out from within. Having acheived his doctorate in drunken slurrology, he enrolled in the BPWF, hoping one day to restore glory to his homeland's throne.

The Reign of High King DinoEdit

After a startling come-from-behind victory in a twenty-man Royal Rumble, Dr. Dino Danger managed to take the belt and become the first Becker PRO Wrestling Federation Champion.

Tag Team CareerEdit

Mere hours after bing indoctrinated into the Guild of Calamitous Intent by The Phantom Fedora, former Guild leaders David Bowie and David Denton would attempt to reclaim their team name in a tag team match.  While the prospect of facing off with his long time rival David Denton, a man who had killed him three times in the ring, originally seemed dim, a brilliant strategy of keeping the two separated won the day. Dino spent the match brutalizing Bowie while The Phantom kept Dave occupied in an epic exchange of blows. While The Phantom Fedora was busy pinning Dave, Dr. Dino took a few serious hits when Bowie unleashed his mastery over physics and staircases, but the taste of blood only strengthened the Doctor's resolve. Bloodied by the Doctor's heavy assault, it wasn't long before Bowie was pinned by the Phantom Fedora, and the new Guild of Calamitous Intent sealed it's position. Though he had won the day against Denton, the fact that The Phantom Fedora had to fight him meant that Dr. Dino's need for revenge was taken off the operating table.

Rivalry with David DentonEdit

A long and bitter rivalry with David Denton has existed since the creation of the Becker PRO Wrestling Federation, having been defeated every time he has faced David in the ring, other than the Tag Team match, in which he was defeated by Dino's tag team partner, The Phantom Fedora. Most recently, he faced Denton in a special Saint Patrick's Day grudge match, in a special Hell in the Cell. Trading even blows with Denton for most of the first half of the match, the cell was broken with his own back. He quickly scaled the cell and, having been followed by Denton, threw him off the edge onto the table. In the remainder of the match, he managed to land the Irish Carbomb finisher twice on Denton, but for naught- Denton managed to land a single finisher and pin him without a struggle, beginning the suspicion that Denton is a dirty rotten cheater.