Here Comes The Boom ( also know as The Boom) is a wrestler in the Becker Pro Wrestling Federation


Tom is a guy who could not survive in a wrestling ring. One night he went to a terrible pizza place called The Wonder Bar and he got food poisioning.  The terrible pizza turned him into a neon green spandex wearing beast that named himself after a mediocre Kevin James comedy. The Boom is a feared force in the ring, however his power is determined by the ammount of terrible pizza he has before; if he has one slice he won't be a threat and if he has a whole pie he will attack anything that even comes near the ring. The Boom is a showman, singing Ass Man as he enters the ring. When The Boom loses or wins a match he reverts back to Tom who has no memory of what happened while he was The Boom.

Additional InfoEdit

Here Comes The Boom does not have a distinct fighting style, much like Kevin James he copies various styles from the other wrestlers making him unpredictable.