The Phantom Fedora is a wrestler and major antagonist of the Becker Pro Wrestling Federation.


Little is known of the Phantom's past, save that he hails from Switzerland, where he trained in the ancient art of neutrality and and mastered the powers of Wu Wei.  The clock factory that served as his home and training ground for years now stands in ruins and his teacher has long since vanished.  His ultimate goals remain unclear, but there is no doubt that they involve seizing control of the BPWF by any means necessary and laying waste to all that stand in his way.

He also very much enjoys hats.


Tag Team CareerEdit

During the initial Royal Rumble for the Tag Team Championship The Phantom ended a brutal reign of terror by David Bowie, earning the title God Slayer and acquiring the right to lead the Guild of Calamitous Intent alongside Dr. Dino Danger.  Despite ultimately losing the Rumble, these titles persist.

Later that night, the former Guild leaders would attempt to reclaim their team name in a tag team match.  While the prospect of Dino facing off with long time rival Dave originally seemed dim, a brilliant strategy of keeping the two separated won the day.  Dino spent the match brutalizing Bowie while The Phantom kept Dave occupied in an epic exchange of blows. Finally, despite a concussion, Phantom pinned Dave and joined the fight against Bowie. Bloodied and outnumbered, it wasn't long before Bowie was defeated and the new Guild of Calamitous sealed it's position, The Phantom truly named God Slayer. Dave and Bowie became Glittering Crotches so that they wouldn't have to change their monogrammed jumpsuits.